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With over 200 years of combined experienced in executive recruitment, let our recruiting team help you fill all senior and executive staffing needs. With our database exceeding over 200,000 candidates, we can provide you all the support needed, without the time-consuming process of doing it yourself.

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Retained Search

For our retained search we charge a percentage fee calculated by the annual compensation of the recruited candidate. This fee essentially covers the time, labor, and search methods necessary in the recruiting process.

Mid-Level Recruitment

Sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates on your own can become extremely time-consuming and surprisingly expensive. With security in mind, all of our candidates are subject to strict background checks, along with resume reference confirmations.

Outplacement Services

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the career search process, we can provide various programs to assess and tailor your employees who are looking to leave due to reorganization or realignment of strategy.

Customized Compensation Study

We can comprise a market analysis of competitive compensation levels (cash, stock, stock options, and other incentive-based or equity-based compensation) for directors serving in the company.

Training & Development

Educating your employees is crucial to the protection of the organization. We provide customized solutions on sight or virtually to Corporations, Educational Institutions, and municipalities. Training is provided to Executives, management, Staff, Educators, and Security personnel.

Payroll Services

We simplify all processes to ensure that your consultants are paid in a timely and professional manner. Our wide-ranging services allow our clients the opportunity to run their business more effectively and proficiently.


Frequently Ask Questions.

Jobcertify is a platform that matches people with the right skills to work for their company. It allows companies to hire candidates from all over the world, and match them with companies based on their skill sets.


In the past, agencies were created to provide services to clients. Nowadays, there are many agencies that also provide services to their clients. The main purpose of a digital agency is to generate content for their clients and then sell it.


Jobcertify is a recruitment platform that helps companies bring in the right talent, not just for the company but also for their employees. It allows companies to hire candidates based on their professional experience and skills.

Jobcertify is a job board that helps companies find candidates by finding suitable jobs. It's an online platform that enables companies to look for candidates from different backgrounds and fields of expertise.


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